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Thread: searchhing criteria on multiple checkboxes

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    Unhappy searchhing criteria on multiple checkboxes

    Hi All,
    i am trying to add some check boxes under a webpage e.g. Cars, Trucks, Toyota, Honda, when the user clicks Car check box and click replot button then the page should be populated with Cars by all vendors, but when the user selects Car and Honda check boxes, and clicks re-plot button the page should be populated with cars made by Honda Only.
    coding for individual check boxes is done but for multiple selection criteria i have no idea, like Cars and Honda example, please guide.
    code for checkbox is as follow:

    else if (plotOptChbox[10].checked == true && markers[i].get('Managed_By') == 'Honda') {
    filterMarker[fmCnt] = markers[i];

    the above is only for one checkbox, all others are like same with different values comparison.
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