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Thread: Running problem in Wamp server 2.2 on windows 8. Please suggest how to resolve it.

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    Running problem in Wamp server 2.2 on windows 8. Please suggest how to resolve it.

    When I installed Wamp server 2.2 in my pc which is running on windows 8, I’m having a problem regarding phpmyadmin and it says that “it cannot access the phpmyadmin”. I also tried to open http://localhost but it also doesn’t working. Can any one suggest what to do.?

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    You need to contact your host.. this is the solution I think.

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    Is wampserver actually running? You typically have to launch C:\wamp\wampmanager.exe (or wherever you installed it) to actually have the web server and MySQL actively running. Not sure how Win8 displays the system tray, but somewhere there will be an icon (like in this image) that shows it is running. (It's red if stopped, and orange/yellow while starting up or restarting; and you can click it for a bunch of useful options.)

    PS: Sorry if you already know that, but sometimes it's the simple things that trip us up, so best to check.
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    I suggest you to re-install your window then install wamp server again, i also had same problem few weeks ago. i also re-install my window to get rid of this error. After re-install window and wamp server my problem got resolved.

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    Thanks angelpeterson:

    my problem now resolved.

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