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Thread: Please Suggest a Framework

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    Please Suggest a Framework


    I am working on a custom application design which is going to be used for tracking the document (by physical location) & some short of billing.

    I have gone through CakePHP & CodeIgniter but I am not sure if those are helpful to build up custom applications like this. Can anyone suggest a simple framework for me. I am looking forward to the below

    1. simple functions to manage common activities like interacting with database, managing session etc.
    2. Good security module with Hashing and other security features
    3. In-build functionalities like data grid, pagination etc.

    Any help is highly appreciated.

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    custom application design which is going to be used for tracking the document
    You would be better off starting with some existing document management system scripts rather than a raw framework.
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    If you do finally settle on using a raw framework, I would suggest Yii Framework. It is a well rounded and efficient PHP framework that follows some of the design principles of Ruby-on-rails and other such web frameworks. The learning curve might be a bit high though.

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