OK I haven't programmed (apart from HTML - is that really programming???) for over 20 year.

Trying to get back up to speed. Getting just about there in JS but want to use CRON to launch a process at GoDaddy.

I have an account with Clickatell. They send SMSs by a v simple HTTP call eg

http://clickatell.com/api/123/passwo...4568&msg=hello dolly

All I want to be able to do is launch that http call from within a php page for now and I am damned if I can see how to do it. (It cab be php, perl, ruby,bash or a couple of other languages)

(BTW I also realised in my test set up I was using JS and I presume that JS will NOT work if it is essentially running on GoDaddys servers. That is a side question.)

Sorry for the hugely dumb questions.

I have spent literllaly hours looking for this and the answer may be buried here but I cannot see it.

Thanks in advance for any gentle help.
Aloha Steve