Below is my code.
I am stuck in line shows below.
function createRows() //to create rows using innerHTML
	var tbody = document.getElementById("CONTENT"); //tbody = your table body
	tbody.innerHTML = ""; //empty table body
	for (i=1; i<=73; i++)  
		tr = tbody.insertRow(-1); //append a row in table body
		td = tr.insertCell(-1); td.innerHTML = referenceNo(i); //ref. no
		td = tr.insertCell(-1); td.innerHTML = trackNo(i);  //track
		td= tr.insertCell(-1); td.innerHTML = ; //I am stuck here
I would like to have function call there where it will receive a value to link it to pdf file and also display the title.

In HTML, I would be writing it like below. But, I want it to be dynamically set according to the value of i.

HTML Code:
<a href="3-Management & Marketing\103.pdf" target="_blank">XXXX</a>
How to do this? Pls help.