Hi there, Ive got the following problem:

	<script language="javascript">
		function checkAge()
			/* the minumum age you want to allow in */
			var min_age = 16;

			/* change "age_form" to whatever your form has for a name="..." */
			var year = parseInt(document.forms["age_form"]["year"].value);
			var month = parseInt(document.forms["age_form"]["month"].value) - 1;
			var day = parseInt(document.forms["age_form"]["day"].value);

			var theirDate = new Date((year + min_age), month, day);
			var today = new Date;
			if ( (today.getTime() - theirDate.getTime()) < 0) {
				alert("Youre too young!");
				return false;
			else {
				return true;
This code above works, and when submitted the form, it checks the age for the minimum of 16. As you can see.

Ive got a problem that it doesnt look at the days / month given.
Default the list is set at a value of 00.

I would like to add some additional JS code to check if the day and month have been given.
If not given. An alert box popup with a message will be displayed.

How would be that be achieved? Any advice is more than welcome since im a JS noob. Thanks!