Dear JavaScript experts,

I am hoping this is a simple question. I am new to JavaScript.

I am trying to download comments from a newspaper website that are delivered in the form of ".js" files. However, the page source code (example page) does not explicitly reference the .js files; they seem to be identified dynamically on the basis of an "articleKey" fed as a parameter into a script. What I would like to do is automatically download the ".js" files for my research.

Now, I have a hunch that the following script snippet is where the action is, but I don't know how to get it working for me. How can I execute this code in such a way that it would reveal the .js file identity / trigger a download? Or maybe I am not even looking in the right place. All I know is that when I "save as" the complete webpage in firefox, I end up with the files I want, like "REL-5-001.js", that are not in the source code. If I'm looking in the wrong place, how can I find where these files came from?

<script type="text/javascript" src="">

var o = {
	iconsContainerIds: ['storyhead','right'],
	commentsContainerId: 'socialcomments',
	articleKey: '2000566132',
	commentsEnabled: true,
	scmo: 'ApprovalRequired',
	scped: '2013/03/05 11:59:00 PM',
	scpm: 'Comments are open and welcome until March0513 at 11:59 p.m. ET.\nWe reserve the right to close comments before then.',
	scem: 'This story is now closed to commenting.',
	cd: '2013/03/03 12:07:40'


Thank you in advance for your help,