Hey folks

I've been having some problems with the opacity feature. I originally had this in a wordpress theme so I removed it from that and put it in a static html and all that is left is just the plain old html for the nav itself.

I can't strip it anymore.

Ok whats wrong is when you hover over "your next move" in the nav menu and scroll down its sub menu the opacity changes and the text is unreadable. I'm not sure why this is. I've done a test with no opacity and can confirm the actual text colour is as it should be for a hover state, the same as its parents on the main nav bar.

So from this I am concluding there is some opacity issue or even an issue with the background vanishing on a hover state? The main nav has no background of its own its just transparent and the main background of the parent div can be seen running the full width of the page.

Any thoughts on how to resolve this would be very much appreciated as this has stumped me for over a day

The website url is http://www.ccmediaservices.co.uk/testnav.html

Thanks in advance