Hello poeple

i need advise how to make, a script so i can via my company's facebook page gather information. or make an online booking script

i think the first one is easiest to make, therefore i need to know how i setup a javascript that works like this :

a person enters the date they want the job done,
how many hours they want,
how many persons they are

and some contact informations about the customer.

first to know that is we are a company that delivers bartenders with all inclusive (so you book us and get everything for a party bar)

but i need the information they enter to go to my mail and then i will in person contact them by phone or mail within 24 hours.
later on when i get better to use javascript i want the program to give an estimated price for the job, and then i will contact the customer for more information and maybe a cheaper price,
but in head task the program will check how many hours and persons at the job and calculate a price and then calculate transport distance and calculate transport price.

i hope someone can help me understand how to make this, and i have ot used javesript before but i think its what i need,

and sorry for my bad english and gramma, but im from denmark and not used to speak english in daily use.

sincerly John.
Marketing and PR-Manager