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Thread: How can i get instant approve link after forum posting?

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    How can i get instant approve link after forum posting?

    Hello Friends, today i feel very sad that from the morning i am doing forum posting but most of the forum sites has banned my account and removed my signature, i really don't know what is reason behind that and when the i have also read the forum rules than again after forum sites removed my links and signature. Anyone explain me about it, if anyone have a good knowledge about forum posting than please reply me as soon as possible..


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    I removed the link in your post above because it looks and smells like SPAM. AND It has nothing to do with your question.

    From my chair - it looks like your only reason for posting is to promote your web site

    Many sites like this one frown on posting links like you did..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve R Jones View Post
    From my chair

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