Ok, so you know how sites that aren't mobile-compatible are just shrunken down on a mobile device? Can I do that purposely with the mobile version of my site if the screen is smaller than I expected? Like if I have a minimum of 350px wide but the phone is only 200-something? Can I "zoom out" of the whole page until it fits the correct width? My problem comes from the landscape-orientation of a small screen versus the portrait orientation of a slightly larger screen -- my minimum for a tablet and my maximum for a mobile are too close, it makes the fixed header and footer touch in the middle so you can't even see the actual content, which is (obviously) super-lame.

I'm already utilizing the media queries that include the orientation field, but there are some things that apply to both orientations so I don't want to have to list them twice unless absolutely necessary -- and plus, my mobile-landscape stuff is too big for some phones (and some browsers on other phones) and "just right" on others, which is irritating.

Any advice or tips or stuff to try would be greatly appreciated.