I'm pretty comformtable with php and MySQL for creating online forms and data displays, however I'd like to build some features for my users that are a little easier to use: specifically, I'd like the users to be able to re-order sets of pictures and then save the changes so that future visitors will see them in the changed order.

I assume this means I will display the pictures in their current order on some type of multi-line or multi-cell form, and permit the user to drag the items into new positions...and then click a submit button to save the changes to a mysql table. But I can't seem to wrap my head around how to use mouse-dragging to drop the pictures/or their filenames into form fields.

I suppose this will involve javascript (which I know very little about). So if you get what I am after and can point me in the direction of a VERY simple example of how to accomplish such a thing, I'd appreciate it.