I would like to ask some of you experienced Developers out there about tools I can use to begin my coding adventure.. I am pretty new to the whole thing with knowledge in HTML and CSS at this point. The main things I used to teach myself those were Notepad and a server that I rented for a few bucks a month. The server is no longer available and I would like to keep learning, so I am hoping I can get some input on some tools you think would be good for me to use.
I would like to learn PHP, Javascript, Flash and would like to utilize XML when necessary and also keep up on my HTML and CSS.
What tools would you suggest I should use and are there good libraries I can utilize for simple cut and paste to see what a snippet of code would look like and work once rendered in a browser.
As far a as a server goes I can use XAMPP for that, but if you have any other suggestions please feel free to let me know. When it come to other tools to use, well there are just so many to choose from and it kinda makes it a bit overwhelming.

So let's break it down a little here:
What tool(s) should I use to continue with my HTML and CSS?
What tool(s) would be best for me to use to make learning and writing PHP, Javascript, Flash and XML a little easier?
What tool(s) would you think is best to use in learning how to create and alter images, Video and Audio?

I would like to create a social networking site. I know this is a big project, especially for a beginner, but I know I can do it.

I have created a functional multiple page web site mostly with HTML and CSS some PHP and Javascript. I used the PHP for Links so if a link needed to be changed I can change it in one file and it will change that link through out the site. The javescript was mainly dropdown menus and other simple functions.

So that is what I know and am able to do, so what would you suggest for tools to use to help on this venture?