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Thread: How would I create a ranking leaderboard?

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    How would I create a ranking leaderboard?

    Hi, I'm Erin.

    I just had a question about how to create a leaderboard.

    Right now I have this spreadsheet
    Spreadsheet image

    I would like to create a website from of the spreadsheet that allows the data to be updated and refreshed and create a "real-time" score tracker and leaderboard so the team ranking first would be on top. We have fans following the competition and right now all we're doing is posting images of the updated scoreboard. It would be great to have something interactive.

    Right now, there's no structures built so any advice on how to tackle this would be great. We have other competitions coming up later this year so having a functioning online leaderboard would be great.



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    I'm a graphics designer who has creating flash games that show high scores - http://www.pepster.com and the last couple of months I have been learning PHP with MySQLi. I think a small database with the a little PHP would be a neat fit, but I don't know if anyone in your group has the background to write the necessary code? If you wish I'm willing to help you out in my free time, if interested email at strider64 [at] gmail [dot] come.


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    should be strider64 [at] gmail [dot] com ....obviously u substitute what's in the brackets.

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