Created a web page using asp.
I have included a onload event on the body statement. It works fine

As soon as I add a include statement in the body of the html that event does not fire up any more

Don't understand

Here is the code If anybody can help I would really appreciate it

function setupFields() {

alert("In onload event now");
return true;

<body bgcolor="#F2F2F2" onload="setupFields()">
<div align="center">
<form name="frmSendSMS" method="post" action="MassSMS.asp" onsubmit="return btnSend();">
<table width="800px">
<!--#include file="../menu/applet1.asp"-->
<tr><td style="background-image: url('../../images/down1.gif'); background-repeat: repeat-x" height="20"></td></tr>
<br />

when I take this statemnt out it works;
<!--#include file="../menu/applet1.asp"-->