Hi Colleagues,

Having trouble getting jQuery stop() working.

The architecture is:

Main page:
menu div
#loadit div, into which the menu links load html pages.

The loaded pages:
several identical-sized images in a stack, z-indexed;
several text overlays

The function on the menu link, eg doPage1(), fades in and out images and text, with appropriate delays and transition speeds.

We need to kill the animation currently running when the viewer switches to a new menu link. I think applying stop() to the div within #loadit should kill the animation, but the syntax I've tried doesn't do it, eg
$('#loadit.div').stop().doPage1() or $('#loadit div').stop().doPage1()

Also, is the correct syntax of clearQueue $('#whatever').stop('true') ?

This is getting urgent: what was previously an amateur inhouse project is now to go online and I need to find a solution quick.