Please see the three image links in the middle of the page. If you hover over and then click, you're taken to the appropriate page. But now click the back button and the image stays frozen in its "mouseover" state, rather than reverting to the "mouseout" state. The problem is seen in Firefox and Safari, but Chrome seems to be okay. Sometimes in Firefox, the image will mouseout on its own after a few seconds. I'm a total amateur here, so any help is appreciated. Here is my code:

jQuery(function($) {
$(document).ready(function() {

		// Preload all rollovers
		$("#hoverlink img").each(function() {
			// Set the original src
			rollsrc = $(this).attr("src");
			rollON = rollsrc.replace(/.jpg$/ig,"-over.jpg");
			$("<img>").attr("src", rollON);

		// Navigation rollovers
		$("#hoverlink a").mouseover(function(){
			imgsrc = $(this).children("img").attr("src");
			matches = imgsrc.match(/-over/);

			// don't do the rollover if state is already ON
			if (!matches) {
			imgsrcON = imgsrc.replace(/.jpg$/ig,"-over.jpg"); // strip off extension
			$(this).children("img").attr("src", imgsrcON);

		$("#hoverlink a").mouseout(function(){
			$(this).children("img").attr("src", imgsrc);