Hi Everyone,

I am not sure where this would go exactly so if it should be moved feel free to do so.

I am trying to put some things together for a website and mobile app and I have a few questions that I need to learn more about before I can effectively explain my need.

I would like the site visitors location to be automatically picked up so that the site can use that to find the nearest places relative to their location and they should be able to choose a radius from their location if detected. Places being I will have a list and as customers sign up the list will grow.

They will have multiple ways to search (location obtained by browser (if possible,) entering zip, or entering city/state or state alone so they can see all results in the chosen state.

What are the available options to doing something like this?


Next thing is can I set it up so people can see the companies twitter facebook youtube feeds right on their detail page on our site? Also can people check in to a location on facebook directly from clicking a check in link on my website or mobile app?


Lastly, customers who choose to pay for the service should be able to do this during the initial registration process online or via an upgrade option after they have already signed up. There are 3 package levels each offering additional features and the first being free. What would be the best way to lay this out do I still need a shopping cart program or just buttons, in the future they may add options or have multiple items in their cart?

I appreciate any feedback!!