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Thread: Search Web Using Browser's Default Search Provider

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    Search Web Using Browser's Default Search Provider

    Hello Everyone,

    On my website, I want users to be able to click on a button that will search the web for more information on a topic (launching a site generated search query in a new window/tab). Rather than search a specific website, I'd prefer to use the default search provider that is provided by the browser so that the user gets the search engine he/she is most comfortable with. By that I mean, if you type text that isn't a URL into Firefox/IE/Chrome, it will instead do a search using a default search provider you can specify. Is there any way using javascript to open a new window with the same behavior as when a user types a non-URL into the address bar?

    Thank you very much for any help you can provide.

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    A possibility (which do not solve your question) : Try this link to search foobar !

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