So, this is a bit of a hobby project for me.

What I intend to do is display a "report"-form.
On this form you have an option to change one of the displayed images.
There are four different to choose from.
In the next step you are supposed to be able to click the image on numerous places to put markers ("X") on the image.
Not just one, but several.
Then you are supposed to be able to upload up to ten photographs and finally, when you click "Done", it should save the form, including the markes on the first image, and all the photos into a pdf file wich in turn should be stored locally on the harddrive in a predefined folder based on some of the factors from the form.
Now, so far I've only managed to complete the layout of the form (as seen on an I ask for help to complete the whole thing since I do not know where to start. Bear in mind, I have no education in this wich is why I appreciate clear comments in any and all code that you guys might provide me with.

If you feel up to the task, give me a comment and then we can continue discussion via e-mail.

Thank you for any help!