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Thread: website different in firefox

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    website different in firefox

    Why does my website render differently in firefox then chrome and ie

    There is some additional padding/margin above my slideshow under the nav bar in firefox at site


    any advice appreciated

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    Minor rendering differences between browser is normal. They come from different manufacturers who optimize to their own design. The page looks fine in all browsers, so minor rendering differences are a non-issue unless you think users are going to visit using multiple browsers and comparing.
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    Yes, I think it's the classic headache that all novice to intermediate web developers face at some point or another. From my own experiences, traditional HTML (table based) was a complete nightmare for cross-browser compatibility. Since moving over to full CSS, I am learning cleaner coding methods every day and always run a CSS Validator with every new chunk of coding I carry out on any given web page. Of course, this isn't bomb proof, but I notice that rendering issues are very minor in comparison, where a general rule of thumb for myself, is NOT to position text/paras etc, too close to a container edge, that way, you are giving a little "room for movement" ... without compromising your structure on the various browsers people use.

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