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Thread: [ASK] How to set of input text automaticly as currency format

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    [ASK] How to set of input text automaticly as currency format

    please guy help me. i have just already learn about javasciprt. and i have this source code

    <script language="javaScript" type="text/javascript">
    function showpay() {
    if ((document.calc.loan.value == null || document.calc.loan.value.length == 0) ||
    (document.calc.months.value == null || document.calc.months.value.length == 0)
    (document.calc.rate.value == null || document.calc.rate.value.length == 0))
    { document.calc.pay.value = "Incomplete data";
    var amt = parseFloat(document.calc.loan.value);
    var month = parseFloat(document.calc.months.value);
    var intr = parseFloat(document.calc.rate.value);
    var nilai1 = intr/100/12;
    var nilai2 = (1+nilai1);
    var nilaix = Math.pow(nilai2,-month);
    var nilai3 = 1-nilaix;
    var final = amt*(nilai1/nilai3);

    document.getElementById("total").innerHTML = "Angsuran/bulan : <strong>"+final.toFixed(2)+"</strong>";

    // payment = principle * monthly interest/(1 - (1/(1+MonthlyInterest)*Months))


    // -->
    <form name="calc" method="post" action="">
    <h3><?php _e($title); ?> </h3>

    <div class="form_row clearfix">
    <label> <?php _e('Pinjaman');?> : </label> <input type="text" name="loan" class="textfield" />
    <div class="form_row clearfix">
    <label><?php _e('Jmh Bln');?> : </label>
    <input type="text" name="months" class="textfield" />
    <div class="form_row clearfix" >
    <label> <?php _e('Bunga');?> (%): </label> <input type="text" name="rate" class="textfield" />
    <div class="form_row clearfix" >
    <p id="total"> </p>
    <input type="button" onclick="showpay()" value="<?php _e('Hitung');?>" class="btn_input_highlight" />

    The question is i want to change the format of user input for example , user put 10000000 automaticly change to 10.000.000. but when processed to calculation script its still number as 10000000

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    Use a regular expression with something like this :
    	return (this|0).toFixed(2).replace(/(\d)(?=(\d{3})+\b)/g,'$1 ');}
    // Use 
    var i=12345678,j;
    alert(j=i.toMonetaryString()); // 12 345 678.00
    We replace all digit followed by a multiple of three digits and a word boundary by this digit followed with a space (or a comma with a '$1,').
    If you work with integers it's to possible to use points.
    This forms are strings and not Numbers ! Then it's probably useful to save the two forms with conjugated names nmbFinal and strFinal for example.

    To retrieve the number simply remove the spaces (or commas or points)

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