I have a problem with a modal window in google chrome (actually it seems that MANY PEOPLE have this problem). well, the problem occurs only in in Google Chrome, my modal window contains a form but in chrome the modal window do not "block" the parent window,mit does not prevent user from clicking things on parent window, and if the user clicks again on the modal window call in the parent window, which is a "contact us" link that contains all the details of the property that the user is seeing on our website, other modal windows open, each click opens a different modal window, BUT ONLY ONE OF THEM WILL SUBMIT THE FORM, the other opened modal windows dont work, meaning that only the first opened modal window will submit the form, the others simply dont submit, if you click on submit form nothing happens...Guys, please help, here is my script, i red that using lightbox instead of showmodaldialog fix this issue, but i am not able to change the script because i am a real estate agent and not a real developer. please, someone can help me to change this script usong lightbox instead of showmodaldialog??

function openPopup(){ if (window.showModalDialog){ window.showModalDialog('<?php echo $rutaC ; ?>','win2','<?php echo $statusC; ?>' + "; dialogHeight:500px; dialogWidth:450px;"); }else{ window.open ('<?php echo $rutaC ; ?>',"win2",'<?php echo $statusC; ?>' + ', modal=yes,width=450,height=500'); } }
Also, I found another possible workaround, The idea of this post is to append a div over my content. It works apparentely but there is another problem, the "obscured parent window" remains obscured when closing modal window and parent window is not clickable anymore, this happens also in firefox and internet explorer...

any way to fix this??

see the code:

function openPopup(){
 var body = document.getElementsByTagName('body');
 var child = document.createElement('div');
 child.style['position'] = 'fixed';
 child.style['top'] = '0';
 child.style['left'] = '0';
 child.style['opacity'] = '0.75';
 child.style['background'] = 'black';
 child.style['zIndex'] = '9999999';
 child.style['width'] = window.innerWidth + 'px';
 child.style['height'] = window.innerHeight + 'px';
 child.id = 'specialDiv';

 if (window.showModalDialog){
     var w = window.showModalDialog('<?php echo $rutaC ;
?>','win2','<?php echo $statusC; ?>', "dialogHeight:500px;
       var w = window.open('<?php echo $rutaC ; ?>','win2','<?php
echo $statusC; ?>' + ', modal=yes, width=400,height=500');
   w.addEventListener('onunload', function(){
       var special = document.getElementById('specialDiv');
       special.style['display'] = 'none';