I am looking for a website consultant/engineer to provide professional advice and be part of the panel into deciding the agency we will be selecting for our next project.

flights and accomodation to Asia will be included if we select candidate outside of the country where the agencies will be based.

We are open to hourly and fixed project rates.

We need someone with a strong understanding of most aspects how to conceptualise, create and implement a website, including all the language codes, front and backend and technical server know how too.

This person will need previous experience working on social network type of sites, as well as mobile apps, and will be liaising with our agencies on and off for up to six months when the site is ready to launch.

Only candidates that can provide a detailed CV and portfolio of such works will be considered for the job, web engineering background required.

Please get in touch at projectwebsite123(@)yahoo.com

Good luck!