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Thread: Create a HTML5 interactive map

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    Create a HTML5 interactive map

    I wanna create an interactive map about properties distribution that can be read on iPad, so I dun wanna the use of Flash and Java.

    There are some requirements that I wanna achieve:
    1. only shows the administrative divisions of the country
    2. information can be displayed after clicking on the region
    3. wanna associate the regions with animations and colors

    Can anyone help? Thanks.

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    To avoid Flash / Java, a better solution would be HTML5 maps, which can work on devices including PC and mobile.

    I often use Google map for such purpose but as you only need administrative divisions, maybe imap's can do what you need in a more clean way. The iMap HTML5 image map editor basically does everything you need (speech box, highlight area etc). They provide both flash and html5 version, download the HTML5 version.

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