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Thread: Crazy behaviour in ie9

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    Crazy behaviour in ie9

    Hey everyone

    I have something that is totally bemused me! In IE9 if you go to my homepage http://www.ccmediaservices.co.uk/

    The homepage slider is tempremental. What I mean by this is it normally won't render the first slide. If you sit there and hit refresh every so often it does, then it doesnt, there is no pattern.

    Once you click next the subsequent slides load.

    This issue is isolated to ie9. I can't figure this out i've never in 10 yrs seen something so strange

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    Hmm? ... don't see any issues on my end. Only thing I noticed initially, was that your link appeared to be forwarding to another URL, but eventually loaded your page. I also tried hitting compatibility mode and all appeared okay on my end. Sorry I can't offer any more input than that gl82uk.

    All the best,
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