I'm working on a site where I'm setting a shadow-box with the following code
HTML Code:
-moz-box-shadow: 0 0 10px 0px #444;
-webkit-box-shadow: 0 0 10px 0px #444;
box-shadow: 0 0 10px 0px #444;
On my mac its working fine in Chrome and firefox, but with safari and opera I have a problem. I'm using this code as a class I'm adding it to a wrapper, that works fine everywhere. But when I use it on another div within this wrapper it only works on the wrapper and not on the inner div.
On my pc its also no working on ie firefox and opera.

Site: http://bit.ly/ZxSev6

Dos anyone have a clue why this doesnt work?

Thanks already for thinking with me.