I am building a PHP and Mysqli based shopping cart for my UNI project. I have been using prepared statements for everything so far and they work great.

However I have hit my first problem. I cannot seem to insert data into the database using a prepared statement.

I have written a function that first checks to see if a product already exists. this works well and if that product does not exist it should run the prepared stmt and insert the data. However it is skipping over the insert part and going straight to the 'else' section of the 'if' stating that a product could not be uploaded.

Here is the function that is not working. As before the first part works well, just have a problem when it actually comes to add the product.

PHP Code:
function addProduct($productName$productPrice$productCategory$productShortDesc$productLongDesc$productShipping$productQTY) {
//Check if item already exists
$qry "Select id FROM products WHERE name = ? LIMIT 1";
        if (
$stmt $this->conn->prepare($qry)) {
$stmt->fetch()) {
"Sorry. That product already exists.";
            } else {
$qry2 = ("INSERT INTO products (name, short_desc, long_desc, category, price, shipping, qty)
$productName', '$productShortDesc', '$productLongDesc', '$productCategory', '$productPrice','$productShipping', '$productQTY'");
                if (
$stmt $this->conn->prepare($qry2)) {
//Add item to DB
//Place image in folder
$newname "$pid.jpg";
move_uploaded_file($FILES['fileField']['tmp_name'], "../product_images/$newname");
                } else {
"Error adding new product, Please check all details and try again.";