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Thread: Recognizing left/right mouse button clicks

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    Recognizing left/right mouse button clicks


    I have an educational site.
    I have some games, and I would like to create a game in which by positioning the mouse cursor over a box and clicking the left mouse button you get a different result than from clicking the right mouse button. This could also be done with the keyboard, of course, but it is easier to navigate a page using a mouse and then to use the same mouse for clicking.
    My question is Is it a good idea to differentiate the mouse buttons like this?
    I read that older browsers at leasr do not assign the same values for mouse buttons. Of course this could then be done on a browser to browser basis.
    So should I use mouse buttons or keys?

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    first you need to know your audience as much as possible.
    young, old, browsers used and whether they are people to use keys or mouses.

    I think you understand all that so you need to cater for all eventualities. problem is it will take foreva to accomplish your task so pick one and get it online and enhance later with the other if need be.

    as for browsers: they are close to standard now so that is less of a problem to what is was a few years back. Unless your audience uses mobile devices, then you will have a headache. nothing is impossible just takes longer.

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