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Thread: How can I achive this

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    How can I achive this

    Hello people,

    I have seen a site and many like it and would really like to learn how to do something like it.

    Here is the site http://www.spiros.co.uk/site/

    I can do all the nav sliding down and most things on the site but not sure how to tackle the background images? Are they fixed per section with the CSS?

    Any guidance would be great - I would love to do stuff like this.


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    If you inspect the first background, it's fixed with a z-index. A quick look shows that the other backgrounds are absolutely positioned with a higher z-index so that when it scrolls into view, it covers the first background. Everything else is set with a z-index higher than it's background so they appear on top.

    I'm not sure I would recommend this as you'd have a lot of positioning and z-indexes to set and it seems like a horrible mess to maintain.

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    Ah thank you. Yes z-index will cause a lot of problems. Maybe there is a better way of doing something like this. I am just learning as get asked for this sort of stuff all the time. Thank you for your comments

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