Hi all,

My web host has recently upgraded their servers from 5.2.x to 5.3.+ and I am now having some issues with my software (custom-built using PHP).

First of all my login session has suddenly started working incorrectly. Namely, as soon as I login and set the session 'registered_user' to true, after a page refresh or page redirect, the session is gone (note: I use exit(header("Location: "))).

I am also having some issues with the require_once function which I'm using to include Mail.php so I can send mail via PEAR. When I use require_once("Mail.php"), I receive the "no such file or directory" error. I'm assuming PEAR may not be installed on the new build, but my web host did not indicate this was the case when I queried them regarding any changes they made to the server.

Help appreciated.