Hey All,

I want to attempt a web project to make a small business website using only PHP. I have posted this project on a few project boards and received a lot of valuable feedback.

I'm new to programming and have been learning alot as I research and try out different ideas, but am unsure of how to really get started if I go the route of attemping this website myself or even outsource parts of it. So, of course I have questions...

Question 1: As a new persson to web development, what is the consensus on building the site yourself?
Any advice?

Question 2: What is the consensus on having a web job posted one of the job boards for a professional to complete? Any success/horror stories? What to look out for?

Question 3: I posted the job on a website that allows college students to work on the project in mentor led groups...allowing them to build up their skillset and professional network? How safe is this route? Has anyone gone this route? Feedback?