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Thread: How to multiply a variable value with a fixed value ?

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    How to multiply a variable value with a fixed value ?


    I have this query:

    SELECT DATEDIFF(`expiry_date`,NOW()) AS days FROM `tab_subscriptions` WHERE `user_id` = '[user_id]';

    This allow me to get the remaining day before end of user subscription. Now I would like multiply the remaining day by the fixed value 0.25. So in practice if 300 days remain X 0.25, the query must return 75.

    Somebody can tell me the correct syntax ?? I don't see how to do my calculation in the code...
    thank in advance for your time
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    Something like this, maybe?
    SELECT DATEDIFF(`expiry_date`,NOW()) * 0.25 AS days FROM `tab_subscriptions` WHERE `user_id` = '[user_id]';
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    You rock you made my day !!!

    I did not think it was as simple and your solution work as expected.

    Many thank and all the best to you

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