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Thread: recommendations for learing Ruby/Rails for experienced PHP developer?

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    recommendations for learing Ruby/Rails for experienced PHP developer?

    I'm pretty good with PHP these days, but it may be advantageous to learn Ruby down the road a bit (probably several months before it might even start to be on my plate). Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on books, web sites, whatever that can help me learn syntax, idiosyncrasies, tricks, etc. of Ruby and Rails without spending a lot of time trying to teach me general programming concepts (other than how those concepts might be specifically addressed within Ruby).
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    Attempting to find solutions from simple to advanced problems for which you have already found solutions in PHP and trying to replicate them using RoR would be one of my suggestions.

    I found that teaming up with someone to learn a new programming language would be better, rather than attempting it solo, because as a group the motivation is that much higher.
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    Hey Nog,

    I found this tutorial to be a very helpful for what you are looking for http://www.tuttoaster.com/ruby-for-php-developers/ Its not a low level or high level tutorial but rather a this is how most of what you need is done with direct comparison to php. It doesn't try to teach you the why and hows you get when you first learn to program, but the basics "this is how you make a class, this is how you use a variable, etc". Hope you find it a useful starter as I did.

    Hope that helps.
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