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Thread: Encoding problem

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    Encoding problem

    Hi all,
    having a very strange problem here.
    I'm using "include file" option in jsp for some html page.
    it looks like this:
    <%@include file="Header.html"%>

    The problem is that when I run this Header.html file it works good, but when I run the code above
    I see gebberish instead of the text inside the page. It only happens if I use text of my local language, English work fine without any problem.

    Thanks a lot..

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    I would try the following
    set the encoding before the execution of your code
    <% request.setCharacterEncoding("utf-xx"); %>//replace xx that represents your language
    <%@include file="Header.html"%>
    //and then may be you will have reset the encoding here to your default


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    Thanks buddy, it works good!!

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