hey, so ive been trying to create an array of newly created articles and save it on the session.
on the article creating form i did something like that:
var createdArticles = new Array();
		createdArticles[0] = $("#title").val();
		createdArticles[1] = $("#subtitle").val();
		createdArticles[2] = $("#content").val();
		createdArticles[3] = $("#name").val();
		var jsData = JSON.stringify(createdArticles);
		sessionStorage.setItem("allData" , jsData);
and in the page that the display of the array should be i wrote:

var createdArticles = new Array();
	var jsCreatedArticles = sessionStorage.getItem("allData");
	var createdArticles = JSON.parse(jsCreatedArticles);
	for (var i=0; i < createdArticles.length , i++)
		var newArticle = "<article><header><hgroup><h1> " + createdArticles[0]+ "</h1><h2> " + createdArticles[1] + "</h2></hgroup></header><p> " + createdArticles[2] + "</p><footer><p> -Written by " + createdArticles[3] + "</p></footer></article>";
its not working for me, im using ref to json_parse.js and to json2.js.

any ideas? thanks