Hi there,

Im learning mysql and php. I have come across a little problem. (I have done a lot of reading but cant seem to get my head around the solution... Maybe over reading, and I only jumped on here as I really cant figure it out)

But... Here it is...

I have two tables:

ID, t1_name, t1_value

ID, t2_name, t2_otherstuff, t2_morestuff, t2_heapsstuff, etc,

What Im trying to do is do a SELECT where it will return the result of "t1_value" based on the "t2_name = t1_name". So then I can ECHO out the "t1_value".

The "id"s dont and wont match, just the "names" are the same (from a dropdown value populated from T1.)

I get how to do a SELECT and result from one table but cant figure out how to do one with two tables.

Im sure this is a simple answer for you pros out there, but this Newbie would appreciate your help
(and please feel free to explain the answer to, as I wont learn if I dont know why the answer is as it is.).

Thanks Heaps...