Hi Folks,

I run local columnist's articles on our site on a weekly-monthly basis, where a lot of the reviews include scrollable maps. With each new page, I typically run them through a Validator, which kicks up approx 15-25 errors (which is commonly due to iframes or flash elements - which I can live with). However, in the last week, I have noticed a visual change to Bing Embedded Maps. It was not until tonight, that I see the coding changes that are included with their "generated code" for embedded maps on your site. Now, the maps look the same as before, apart from the new look zoom/pan graphic overlay, however, the Validator now throws up around 50 errors, all based on the embed code that Bing now generates.

The funny thing is, the old embedded maps (previous articles) show the new look, but retain the old generated code ... so I am confused???

Has anyone else come across this? ... is there a workaround or better approach?

All the best,