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Thread: IE and page margins not showing

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    IE and page margins not showing

    My website has just been redesigned and not I am having a problem with cross browser integration.
    My web page I am having trouble on is, http://www.fourquotes.co.uk/webdesign
    On Google Chrome there is a page margin of about 2 inches on left and right, but in IE the content stretches right to the edge of the screen making the site look very large and not attractive.

    Why is it doing this?

    Can anyone tell me what I need to change and is it in the CSS?

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    I can't replicate the problem. The site looks the same in IE, even when I set it back to IE7.
    Rick Trethewey
    Rainbo Design

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    Correct CSS errors including any incorrect CSS 3 rules.

    HTML Errors Most are minor. For symbols like the pound sign, you might want to try the actual character entity.
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