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Thread: Help Needed - Javascript not proccessing ccgallery plugin - Wordpress

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    Help Needed - Javascript not proccessing ccgallery plugin - Wordpress

    I have had this issue for a while now. My theme for WordPress is not processing my java-script correctly with my CCGallery WordPress plugin.

    I have been trying to get this plugin up and working for two weeks now to no avail. I now am turning this issue to webdeveloper in hopes that one of you may be of some help.

    If anyone has had this issue before or something similar and found a solution I would appreciate some feedback or at least a step in the right direction.

    Here is a link to the page with the short-code gallery loaded:


    I think its an issue on how my shortcode is processed, because after the WordPress Updated much of my short code broke. Don't Know if that helps at all.
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