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Thread: Optimization for Yahoo Search Engine

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    Optimization for Yahoo Search Engine


    I would like to know what technique I should use to optimize your site for Yahoo search engine?

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    Yahoo's Site Explorer is a fantastic tool for monitoring your website(s) and running basic link reports. If you have not already done so you should create an account at Site Explorer and then validate your website (prove you own it) so that you can manage the information Yahoo has for your website. Once you have validated your website I have noted some Site Explorer functionality that may help your website perform on Yahoo:

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    Yahoo is the best search engine after Google and Bing. So, you must have to optimize your website for yahoo search engine result as mentioned below:

    Yahoo Search Engine Optimization Tips:
    1. Submit your site to Yahoo directory
    2. Create Yahoo search engine friendly design
    3. Always track the changes made by Yahoo search engine and acts according to that
    4. You must have to know all details about making your site Yahoo friendly

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