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Thread: Student needs some answers

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    Student needs some answers

    Hi I am a student at the University of Salford UK and I am doing a dissertation in Investigation into use of Ajax in web design.

    I would really value your comments on the advantages or disadvantages of implementing Ajax in your web designs.
    I have a little survey which I would really be grateful if you could fill in for me here
    (4 questions - 2 mins max honest!!!)

    I am just starting looking into this so I am looking for idea as to what to ask and any info would be appreciated.


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    It would give benefit of course.

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    The advantages of using Ajax is that it can load database information on a certain place on the website without having to refresh the site. Imaging Facebook, they use Ajax for the communicating system when chatting with friends, you get updated as soon as they reply. If there was no Ajax included there, you would need to refresh the page and all its content to see if some of your friends had replied. The disadvantage is probably that it takes up a lot of server capacity since there is so many requests sent to the server and back again.
    Hope that helps you a little.

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    Ajax is a new web approach that marries the benefits of both screen and paged-based approaches. By allowing more sophisticated functionality using easier-to-implement web standards, Ajax is proving a real alternative for creating powerful web applications. several large companies including Google have created amazing applications using the technology: Google Maps, Google Gmail, and Google Suggest are all built using Ajax. Another reason is the continuing adoption of standards compliant-browsers that support Ajax technology, most notably Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer 6.

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