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Thread: Font Style Issue - Header tags not showing up correctly

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    Font Style Issue - Header tags not showing up correctly

    I have a wordpress web site and the font style thru the theme settings is set to League Gothic, but I can only get it to show up correctly on one page but not the others.

    I've been searching up and down for the problem here but no luck.

    heres the home page where the text does not show up correctly:


    and here is the page where the font does show up the way I want:


    any help would be greatly appreciated. maybe a CSS guru can see something I am not.
    my email is
    if you think you can help send me an email

    btw it does work when I switch to other font selections, just not League Gothic

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    A tool like the Developers Tool in MSIE (press F12) or the Web Developer extension for Firefox or Chrome would let you diagnose this in a few minutes. But the origin of the problem is likely that you're using so many plug-ins that every page on that site loads 17 external stylesheets and even more external JavaScript files. So conflicts are almost inevitable. Next time, consider whether a site really needs Wordpress or if you're just using it because you can easily piece together so many gadgets.
    Rick Trethewey
    Rainbo Design

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