I'm a graphic design with little basic coding knowledge, I really need help with finishing my portfolio in order to land a dream internship. I was up all last night working on it instead of going out with my friends for st paddys day. I wanna throw my computer out the window, but before i do that.......

Can you help me iron out the kinks and make my site functional?
The website thusfar can be found at

and the css is at www.2whiteboys.com/high/css/style.css

those are the only two files. The idea of the website is to have a welcome page that has Bartholomew & Emmanuel White and another image will go below that. clicking on the names will make the page shift left or right, and display a paragraph and under that i'm hoping to squeeze in images to show off my portfolio. (not sure about how to do that yet, but hopefully i'll get there)
On my google chrome, the Bartholomew link shifts the page and displays a black box with a paragraph in it.
however, on my ipad that paragraph is at the very top and half cut off. (i would really like the website to be consistent through multiple devices)

I'm also having a lot of trouble getting the emmanuel link to display a similar black box and paragraph when it shifts to the left.

any and all help appreciated, i've been tearing my hair out