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Thread: Unauthorized Editing of Web Page

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    Unauthorized Editing of Web Page

    Hi All,
    How do I prevent unauthorized editing of my webpage. I recently noticed that a few words on my web page had been turned into links to someone else's website. I looked at my markup expecting to see changes made to it but I didn't see
    any. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    I'm not a security expert but I 'm not sure that what you say is possible. Did you search the source code for "<a" or "href" to find every link?

    As to unauthorized edits - change you password and make it a more secure one:

    - At least 8 characters.
    - Use upper case, lower case, numbers and some symbols.
    - Consider changing it regularly.

    And remember to always keep a clean copy of the site off-line where it cannot be doctored, in case you need tp restore it.

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    If your website is hosted on a free service, the service is probably inserting advertising into your webpages. That's how they make money.

    If your site is hosted on a conventional hosting service that you pay for, then it sounds like your site may have been hacked. Google has just posted a lot of good advice on what to do when your site has been hacked on YouTube and their Webmaster blog. A quick search should get you some good advice.
    Rick Trethewey
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