Im not exactly sure how to word what i want to do, but i will try. I didnt know how to create a CSS gallery by myself, so naturally i went looking for free code. I stumbled upon Dynamic Drives gallery, which is awesome, simple and did exactly what i need. since then i have used it in my site and the site i designed for my girlfriends photography company, but it (the code) has some drawbacks.

The images only hover in one spot, and its fixed. I figured out how to create 2 seperate styles so that landscape and portrait images would have 2 different sizes using classes, (i used it on my girlfriends site, not mine, yet. been implementing other things.)

What i want to try and do is figure out is there any way with CSS or a small amount of Javascript if there is a way so that the image will scroll with the page? The reason i ask is if i want to add more images to the gallery they will begin to go offscreen unless i add another column, which i can do, but i will eventually run out of room, so it would be nice if they could scroll.

Or, if anyone knows a better/different gallery setup that isnt too complicated that might suit my site better, i would appreciate it.

here is my site to get an idea of what im looking for.