Hi there,

I'm currently working on a number of websites all of which are identical apart from tweaks to the content (mostly translations)

I have 1 site that refuses to load. I dont get any errors or warnings or anything giving me a clue as to the problem. It just sits "loading" for a looooong time untill it finally times out with this message.

"This Page Cannot Be Displayed

The system cannot communicate with the external server ( www.lektronix.fr ). The Internet server may be busy, may be permanently down, or may be unreachable because of network problems.

Please check the spelling of the Internet address entered. If it is correct, try this request later.

If you have questions, or feel this is an error, please contact your corporate network administrator and provide the codes shown below.
Notification codes: (1, GATEWAY_TIMEOUT, www.lektronix.fr)

Its not a high traffic problem or a proxy problem. and ive gone through the code looking for errors. Ive compared to one of the sites that works and it looks fine. I've tried in multiple browsers.

one of the working sites is www.lektronix.es

and the none working site is www.lektronix.fr

I really need help with this but Im now out of ideas or directions to go in.

any help is greatly appreciated