My problem is that this is a custom built report through ASP and the user wants running SubTotals and a Grand Total displayed as well, and honestly I'm just not sure how to go about it. Currently the entire report is wrapped like this, the way it's displayed doesn't matter too much to the issue.

<%do while (adoRsTrade.AbsolutePage = iPageCurrent) and (not adoRsTrade.EOF)
NewRep = adoRsTrade("calIncludedRep")

if CurRep <> NewRep or FirstTime="T" and (not adorsTrade.BOF) then %>
add up the values for that CurRep and display them as 'subtotals'


CurRep = adoRsTrade("calIncludedRep")
loop %>
after the file hits the end display the running values from everything as the "Grand Total." I tried this do..loop until loop after the code above with the thought that I would have already displayed everything for the households then could run this for grand totals, but it displays totals after every record page and at the end displays all $0 values
        curPrincipal = adoRsTrade("mPrincipal")
        totPrincipal = totPrincipal + curPrincipal
            curInterest = adoRsTrade("mInterest")
            totInterest = totInterest + curInterest
        curCommission = adoRsTrade("calCommission")
        totCommission = totCommission + curCommission
            curSECFee = adoRsTrade("mSECFee")
            totSECFee = totSECFee + curSECFee
        curSvcFee = adoRsTrade("mSvcCharge")
        totSvcFee = totSvcFee + curSvcFee
            curNet = adoRsTrade("mNetAmount")
            totNet = totNet + curNet
     loop until adoRsTrade.EOF
any help i could get would be greatly appreciated as i mentioned I am not an ASP guru by any means.
Thank you,