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Thread: What do you think about my website?

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    What do you think about my website?

    Hello, I have a business of Software and website development in sonepat,haryana. I also have my company website : http://www.exactitsolutions.com. Please give your view about my website.

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    It's an old-fashioned table-based design, with table within table within... (you get the idea). Where divs have been used there are divs within divs within... (you get the idea). I find mission statements a turn-off, and added to the fact that the initial load was slow it seems to me to be a very mediocre site.

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    I like the clean professional design feel of the website, this is just my opinion but I think the navigational menu looks like it's floating in space a little? Maybe if it was tighter to the bottom line and over a little to the right, it might give it a more symmetrical look to it. Though the more I look at it, the more it grows on me. The only other thing is I wish the sliding window would stop when I hover over it with the cursor, but that is a minor thing. Great Job.

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    You should also provide solution to pricing, contact etc. on home page as main feature somewhere on your site..

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