My name is DJ from Cincinnati, Ohio and I am in the process of looking for a partner for a website in the online gaming community. The site involves connecting gamer's together to form teams for online games and involves a matchmaking process that will need to be built in. I have created an initial graphic layout for the site, but I lack the experience in development to build the website. I have connections with many top streamers, professional players, and game developers in the industry that can provide us with ample opportunity to promote the website once completed. I also have connections to a direct hosting company in California that can scale our needs as the project grows.

This is a passion project and I would prefer to partner up with someone who loves online gaming and understands the market we are trying to appeal to. Eventually this site will be much more than a simple matchmaking site and eventually move to be an online resume/social network for gamer's.

If you are interested in talking in depth about the project and/or working together please post a message here or send me a PM. Again it is very important that you understand online gaming culture and have a passion for both social and competitive gaming.